Korea Association of General Education

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The president's greeting

I was given an enormous task of leading the Korean Association of General Education for the year 2020. The thought of me being the first elected president of the KAGEdu reminds me of the fact that so much responsibility is placed upon my shoulders. Following my predecessors’ footsteps and building on the hard work of our Association members, I would like to present to you a few plans for the KAGEdu’s future.

Most importantly, we must find an answer to the question “What are General Education Studies?” All the difficult tasks we face in teaching general education lead to this very important question. If we consider this as a field of academic studies, there must be subjects, goals, and methodologies available to us. If we consider this as a trend, there must be a core ideology. I ask all of our Association members to work together so that General Education Studies can be perceived as a dignified academic study according to the National Research Foundation of Korea‘s academic classification system, a treatment it rightfully deserves.

We must also have a wider perspective. Two years ago, the KAGEdu entered the global academics field along with the Korea National Institute for General Education. Let us seek ways to perceive this new challenge not as a one-time event, but an opportunity to shape a permanent path to enriching Korea’s general education field in a practical manner.

I promise to spare no effort in strengthening the internal stability of our operation. The year 2020 will present us with various challenges. The external conditions of Korea’s higher education are worsening, and the darkest clouds are looming before us. Fortunately, there is a single glimmer of hope shining brightly. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of my predecessors, the government's Third Period University Evaluation Basic Plan recognized the importance of general education, although not completely. To utilize this legacy as fuel for the advancement of the KAGEdu, we must improve the operational efficiency of our Association as a whole, and this can be made through active communication.

I will not try to accomplish all these goals during my short term as president since these are goals that require much time and effort. However, I will mark where this journey begins, and what path we shall take. At the end of my term, I want to be able to proudly give my answers when asked, “What did you accomplish while working as president?” The importance of general education is still not widely appreciated. However, we all know from our experience that a lack of recognition can serve as a powerful driving force for success. That is what I want to engrave in all of my actions. I humbly ask all of you, our Association members, to please take part in this effort.

January 2020
The 8th President of Korea Association of General Education
Park Il-woo

Introduction to the Society

The knowledge convergence society of the twenty-first century demands people of qualities such as creative problem-solving skills as global leaders, communication skills, character and qualification as global citizens. Hence, universities ought to put together fragmented knowledge in order to solve problems that consistently arise in life as well as the pursuit of academic research while cultivating intellectuals who possess a holistic and insightful perspective, meeting the needs of the times.

The Korean Association of General Education is a genuine educational, academic organization established on October 10, 2006 for the purpose of developing and disseminating general and basic education through the organization's contribution to realize research and its outcomes related to the field. General and basic education in universities aims to help individuals attain character as a mature human being and fulfill their abilities and responsibilities as global citizens, and to cultivate global leaders with creativity, discernment, leadership, and morality.

The Korean Association of General Education shares research results and proposes visions so that universities may fulfill their duties in general education. We attend to our members’ advice and proposals, and go the extra mile to provide solid basis for educators and researchers who are interested in general and basic education to actively take part in the association.

Members of the association are either engaged in general and basic university education or involved in the academic, educational field, and consists of researchers and faculty members of basic education institutions, undergraduate colleges, universities or colleges of general education, and organizations related to the field. The association's objective of establishment is being realized through the sharing of academic research, and as of May 2020, the number of members has reached an estimate of 1,500, including that of the institutional members.

The Korean Association of General Education has made effort in the following ways to realize its goal of communication and expertise. Advisory members have been employed to secure a future-oriented management of the association and for the communication between academic generations; the chief executives board has been strengthened in order to secure efficiency and professionalism in managing the association; and the independence of the editorial board and research ethics committee has been maintained.

Since the 2006 spring symposium, the association has hosted domestic (and international) symposiums twice every year as its major activity. First published in June 2007, the scholarly journal Koreanesearch on General Education was recognized of its originality and pioneering content in general education research, nominated for registration on the Korea Citation Index (KCI) in 2011, and officially registered on it in 2016.

The Korean Association of General Education places great importance on the realization of a talent fostering model rooted in communication and harmony, future-orientation, and internationalization. Hence, the association will constantly cooperate with the Council for General University Education, Korea National Institute for General Education, and other organizations related to the field, and spare no effort in sharing results based on research related to general and basic education.

Introduction of Executive

The 8th Executive Team of The Korean Association of General Education

President Park, Il-Woo (Keimyung University) ilwoo@kmu.ac.kr
Department Name of
Affiliation and Contact Details
PAEK, SEUNG-SU (Gachon University) ongang@gachon.ac.kr
Min Chun Gi (Chonnam Nat. University) chgmin@jnu.ac.kr
KIM, Hye Young (Korea National Sport University) hykim@knsu.ac.kr
Hong, Seok Min (Yonsei University) ssmhong@yonsei.ac.kr
LEE Eunsook (Keimyung University) les@kmu.ac.kr
Director of
Ahn, mi young (Konkuk University) miyoungahn@kku.ac.kr
Director of
Lee Hyo sook (Konkuk University) qhaso75@kku.ac.kr
Audit Lim Seon Ae (Daegu Catholic University) theresa108@cu.ac.kr
Choi, Byung Mun (Daejeon University) bmchoi@dju.ac.kr
Chairman MinGyu Seo (Konyang University) mgseo@konyang.ac.kr
Kim, Jae Kyung (Pai Chai University) jkkim@pcu.ac.kr
Ethics Committee Chairman Byung-Hak Ha (Catholic University of Korea) speechact@catholic.ac.kr
Vice Chairman Park, Hee-Moon (Chungnam National University) hmpark@cnu.ac.kr
Name of
Department Affiliation and Contact Details
Research1 Kim In-Yung (Uiduk University) iykim@uu.ac.kr
Jeong, Yeonjae (Inha University) jyj123@inha.ac.kr
Research2 Hyekyung Kim (Hoseo University) hkkim98@hoseo.edu
Cho Hye Kyung (Daegu University) apriori30@daegu.ac.kr
Public Relations Hasuk Song (Ajou University) hasong@ajou.ac.kr
Jun Kyung Ae ( Korean National Institute for General) myumul16@naver.com
Kim, Kyoung-Hee (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) khkim@hufs.ac.kr
Donha Park (Yonsei University) parkdh@yonsei.ac.kr
Oh, Kyung-Hee (Ajou University) wansui@ajou.ac.kr
Yi, Kyong Suk (Ajou University) yiks@ajou.ac.kr
Lee, Yun-do (Chung-Ang University) Iyd528128@cau.ac.kr
Hong, Seung Tae (Kyung Hee Univ) filos@khu.ac.kr
Saenae, Oh (Keimyung University) snoh@kmu.ac.kr
Hwang hye-young (Seowon University) rayondor@hanmail.net
Members Editorial Board Kang Namhee (Chung-Ang University) anitem@cau.ac.kr
Kang, BoSeung (SungKyunKwan Univeirsity) yeskbs@hanmail.net
Kang, Sungbae (Dongguk University) sbkang@dongguk.ac.kr
KO KYOUNG MIN (Konkuk University) drewhoney@kku.ac.kr
Hye-young, Kim (Sookmyung Women's University) khy222@sm.ac.kr
Nah, Jeong Eun (Yonsei University) jenah@yonsei.ac.kr
PARK, KA YEUL (Korea Employment Information Service) kypark@keis.or.kr
PARK, Yo-song (JEJU National University) pys1006@jejunu.ac.kr
Seo, Deok-Hee (Chosun University) artee71@hanmail.net
Son, Min-Jung (Korea National University of Education) mjson@knue.ac.kr
Son, Seung Nam (Sunchon National Universtiy) snson@sunchon.ac.kr
Sohn, Young-Mi (Konyang University) shonym@konyang.ac.kr
Ju-hyun, Song (Hanshin University) white353535@nate.com
Sim, Ji Hyun (Seowon University) sim4389@hanmail.net
Ahn, Hoyoung (Dongguk University Jyeongju) gongahn@naver.com
Ahn, Hyeon Hyo (Daegu University) harryahn65@gmail.com
LEE YUN BIN (Korea University) adsumn@naver.com
LEE, JAESEONG (Seoul Women's University) byeolga@swu.ac.kr
Rhim, sungchul (Kyonggi University) sungchul-rhim@hanmail.net
Lim, Hyeryun (Hannam University) khpro310@naver.com
Chang, Soo Chu (Yonsei University) schang@yonsei.ac.kr
Jeon, Kwang-Soo (Korea Community Communication) pureas@hanmail.net
Ceong Seong Mi (Kangweon National University) nabigail@kangwon.ac.kr
Choo, Hyun Jae (Sahmyook Health University) jerryfirst@naver.com
Ethics Committee Kim, Jong Rok (Handong Global University) kjr@handong.edu
Yu, Gwang-su (Yonsei University) ho1000@yonsei.ac.kr
Won, Junsik (Daejeon University) jswon@dju.ac.kr
General Affairs Secretary General Affairs Kang Ah Reum (Konkuk University) kangarum65@gmail.com
Editorial Secretary Editorial Board Park, Jun-Woong (Chung-Ang University) ichdenke@gmail.com
Name of
Region Affiliation and Contact Details
Seoul Kim, Jheehyeon (Seoul National University) jeehyeon@snu.ac.kr
KIM HYUNJU (Hanyang University) giokhj@hanyang.ac.kr
Chang, Soo Chu (Yonsei University) schang@yonsei.ac.kr
Gyeonggi-do Jung Sin Kim (The University of Suwon) kimjsin77@hanmail.net
Hasuk Song (Ajou University) hasong@ajou.ac.kr 
Chungcheong-do Kyung Su, Kim (Sunmoon University) kskim01@sunmoon.ac.kr
Park, Hee-Moon (Chungnam National University) hmpark@cnu.ac.kr
Honam Ban Deok Jin (Woosuk University) djban21@hanmail.net
Cho Eun-He (Chosun University) ehcho@chosun.ac.kr
Yeongnam Park, SungMi (Dongseo University) psm1994@dongseo.ac.kr
Woo Jin Jung (Daegu Catholic University) wjin0924@hanmail.net